Pursuing dream to be a successful Indonesian runway model

Looking at those gorgeous runway models with fabulous outfits designed by world class designers making all the girls across the globe yearn to be one of them. Perfection of their face, very slim build, as well as lifestyle which seems really glamour, positioning them to be on the spotlight all the time. Nevertheless, it is not a one night process. There was a long winding and tiring road they took to be a professional runway model. It also takes a good planning, struggle and determination.

In Indonesia, where the fashion industry is rapidly developed, demand of professional runway models is also increasing drastically. It goes along the way with various fashion events held in the big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung or Bali. Obviously, this would open the opportunity for Indonesian girls to have carrier in Indonesian modelling industry, even to the higher level of international modelling world like some of Indonesian models, Tracy Trinita, Sigi Wimala, Sausan and others. Very slim figures, symmetrical face, healthy skin and hair are the important requirements for a runway model. Talent, attitudes, discipline and strong commitment are also necessarily required in this business.


The way you walk on the runway is also important aspect in becoming a successful runway model. In this very competitive business of fashion modelling industry, the designers will look for those whom have a special characteristic walking. Models are likely asked to walk in high-heels on the runway, and it is not such an easy thing to do a good runway walking in such heels. 


thesevenagency_indonesian model in bali

A confident, sexy and full of attitudes way of runway walking are designer’s favourite. Moreover, in every single fashion show, models are “pushed” to act with their way of walking to give best performance in showing the outfits. Sometimes it needs a goddess-like walk, cheerful teenage walk or even a party-goers walk. Thus for those who wants to have carrier in fashion modelling industry, they need to practice their walk from the beginning to get their right signature-walking. The easiest way to practice your walk is by joining a modeling agency that widely spread nowadays in many big cities in Indonesia. For nowadays the best model agencies in Indonesia are based in Bali and Jakarta.

It is obviously required that a perfect slim figure and bone structures are the main aspect of modeling carrier. Therefore, many successful runway models are in their very young age, 14 – 15 years old, because around this age they could get their best slim figures. It is everywhere to be found, including models in Indonesia who treating their selves cruelly in order to get the slim figures. An excessive work out or extreme diet are the most revealed among the models in Indonesia and around the world. It is known that there are some who ended their life tragically due to the eating disorders. Luckily some are still got the chance to rehab their health issues. As the cases of anorexic among models keep increasing, thus fashion industry become more aware in hiring their models. There is BMI regulation in term of hiring models for fashion needs. As the time goes by, the awareness of hiring healthy models are driven into more positive way these days. Nevertheless, those gorgeous models are the role models for millions of people, especially girls. A lot of campaigns of becoming healthy model are published everywhere on mass media in order to get comprehension from the people that to get the gorgeous look of models, we do not necessarily need to sacrifice our health, moreover our life. A good healthy lifestyle, positive thinking and attitudes will easily lead Indonesian women to get the figure of top runway model they dream about.

Healthy skin and beautiful hair are also urgent issues in chasing carrier as a professional model, including here as an Indonesian model. A light and white skin may still become the beauty standard of Indonesian people. But as we know the skin tone of Indonesian is the tanned, sun kissed skin, as Indonesia is a tropical country. There are many top Indonesian models with this kind of skin tone that have made their path successfully to international fashion modelling world, such as Fahrani Empel and Sausan. It is not the skin tone that important, but the health of the skin. The designers or make-up artists have been so aware about this aspect.


Healthy skin could be obtained by consuming healthy drink and food, healthy lifestyle, as well as regular right treatment for your skin. Having all of them surely will ease your way to be a successful Indonesian model. Nevertheless, the perfect look of a model will mean nothing without positive attitude, strong determination, discipline and punctuality which play important roles in leading the way to be a successful Indonesian model. Another thing that considered being a main aspect also is that we have to be open for critics. Even top models like Naomi Campbell or Miranda Kerr, they were facing rejections by many modeling agencies at their early carriers. Therefore, it takes a whole lot determination and struggles to be a successful model. The wills of learning and open to critics will open wide opportunities to true success. Being punctual in a casting or a show is another main point to be a professional model, especially Indonesian model. It is clearly because that no single modeling agencies in Bali, Jakarta, or even more top modeling agencies across the world would hire an indiscipline model.

It is now a fact that being a world class runway model is no more a dream for Indonesian girls. As we revealed that the success stories of Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, or any other top names were not fairy tales. They started it all with struggle and commitment, as well as empower their self to the fullest potential.